"Like Swimming" - a favorite song by Morphine

Life's activities ebb and flow like water. At times this water trickles like a mountain stream, allowing a person's creativity plenty of time to meander and cultivate grand projects. At other times, life feels more like Niagara Falls, with the flow so fast and full that creativity is only allowed short bursts of breath before being pulled under once again.

Don't fight the water - adapt! My life is blessedly full. When I can't find the time to paint, I turn to writing, which for me is possible in the small crevices of time throughout my day. Painting is not abandoned, simply at rest, waiting for it's reawakening.


Sunday, July 3, 2016

A Writer's Dream

 Napping on the porch
On a summer afternoon,
Sun warming my body,
The beginning of a story
Comes to mind.
I stir enough
To capture it
In shadow ink upon the wall.
I return to slumber.
Awaking (still dreaming),
I smile to see my tale
Still there.
I begin to read the words.
Each collapses
Into nonsense
At the edges of my grasp.
I rouse
To the frustration
Of a writer’s dream.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Perfect Body

Woke up this morning
feeling the flawless sculpture
of  my biceps and triceps
from yesterday's kayak
on the lake.
An illusion,
this ache of my muscles
a reminder
from my 20-something self
that she is still here
within my aging body.
I confront the mirror.
The 20-year old me looking out
through my eyes
at the 57-year old I have become.
The grey hair belies the stress
of a career chance selected,
or perhaps only my genetic disposition.
In the face, the remnant creases
left by my stories
of joy and sorrow.
The stomach bears scars
of childbirth.
A memento
of my most beloved creation.
And everywhere
the effect of gravity.
Not solely the downward pull
back into the earth,
but also
the solemn dignity of life.
My 20 and 50-something selves
unite and agree;
I have the perfect body.